SharePoint Coaching


You have been looking at the screen for 3 hours and still not figuring out the problem. Who do you go to? Posting to a forum takes too long, you aren't even sure what to search for to find help and you are stuck. You need a second set of eyes, a SharePoint sounding board or a mentor.

For Project Managers and non-SharePoint professionals

Whether you like it or hate it, SharePoint is widely used to manage deliverables and project teams, so why not do it right? We can help with:
·         Formulating the best organization and layout for prioritizing key content while working within a structure that is easy to maintain, set permissions and logical
·         Creating a dashboard for teams and deliverables for actionable items
·         Applying a custom look and feel for a professional result set

For IT professionals

Both SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint hosted in the cloud can provide challenges to keep operational. We can help with:
·         Troubleshooting why the latest patches caused disruption to workflow, app pools or other functionality
·         Using the event log or SharePoint log files to find and correct farm errors
·         Suggesting a governance plan or maintenance plan for managing users, data and key features

For SharePoint site builders, designers and developers

Even the most experienced SharePoint people can run into problems that are perplexing and momentarily insurmountable. Believe us, we know. So another set of eyes can be helpful:
·         Reviewing the site architecture to make sure it will grow with time and new versions
·         Figuring out why a CSS doesn't render that look and feel exactly as you want
·         Providing a second opinion on how to make that code work or work better and faster

Concerned About your Project's Budget?

We can make the difference between getting a project done on time or not. We are here to mentor and help:
·         Get project resources out of the rat holes caused by code that isn't working right
·         Find the reason a design that has a pixel that is one off or
·         Eliminate spending too much time trying out different organizational schemes

In the end, we believe that we can help projects to be more cost effective because we assist in the costly and timely troubleshooting process. At $175/hour, we can answer most questions with just 1-4 billed hours and for larger efforts, we are open to negotiating the bill rate. Our goal is to respond within 24 hours elapsed time. We are cost effective and make the difference between getting the project done, getting it done correctly and ultimately a better end product.

Get it Done. Get it Done Well. Learn from Experts.

Email us at We will reply within 24 hours. If you have a more urgent situation like a break/fix emergency, Microsoft is probably better suited for your call.