Project Services

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to become experts on pre-released products, so we can build solutions for clients that use the latest technology, while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems. Naturally, as our relationship with you deepens, the menu of possible applications and services continues to expand.

We Make Knowledge Accessible

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting: Our reports and dashboards present users with relevant information from raw data.
  • Information Architecture: Avitiva builds knowledge management systems to store information within a logical hierarchy. A well-designed user interface yields organized, indexed information that is reusable throughout the organization.
  • Search: Customizing the search experience for end-users can make the difference between a pleasant, directed result and a frustrating, hodge-podge of random documents and lists. Using the prodigious features of SharePoint 2013, Avitiva will transform search results into a pleasant experience.


  • Upgrade: Avitiva specializes in upgrades between versions of SharePoint. As consultants, we have the opportunity to do many upgrades for each version release of SharePoint, experience that most IT departments will never need to develop. We bring our process and experience to each upgrade, making it smooth for users and IT departments.
  • Migration: Whether migrating between on-premises SharePoint sites, servers or farms or migrating content from an existing farm to the cloud, Avitiva has a process for preparing an inventory, helping to evaluate what content should migrate, and moving the content and all associated permissions, workflows and other attributes.
  • Training: We work with existing department, support and IT personnel to transfer our knowledge of SharePoint at every opportunity so that our customers have a better understanding of the product, architecture or solution after each engagement. 

We Secure the Connection Between Users, Data & Services

  • Office 365: Many of our clients are taking advantage of hosted SharePoint services and need help to understand how to govern and migrate current information to the cloud. We have done this repeatedly for clients and so can help create and execute a plan to transition collaborative spaces to the Cloud.
  • Hybrid Environments (On-premise and cloud): Avitiva designs and deploys collaboration spaces to ease organization, distribution, and findability of corporate information on your corporate network, secured extranet and cloud deployment. Our customized portals are personalized to allow users to find the content most relevant to them.  
  • Marketing Communications & Collaboration Portals: We provide Internet spaces for sharing marketing information as you need it. Our publishing process makes approved information available to the external Web site.
  • Governance: Distributed data and services means that IT departments need better governance policies and procedures to manage who has access, where data is stored and how oversight is maintained.

We Automate the Everyday

  • Workflow and Process Automation: Avitiva designs and implements workflow processes to ensure that your corporate practices are completed end-to-end.

You Are What You Web

  • Graphics & Web Design: Avitiva designs Web site look and feel and custom graphics to make you look good while supporting your messaging and branding goals.
  • Social Networking: We help IT departments, executive teams and end-users navigate the wealth of social networking features to find the right combination of usability and oversight.