Methodology and Principles


There is a vast difference between having some SharePoint experience and being a SharePoint expert. With sixteen years in the SharePoint consulting business, we say with confidence that We Do SharePoint Well. Our knowledge, combined with our principles and methodology make all the difference in having a successful outcome.


  • Integrity: Our primary asset is integrity. We will tell our clients if there is a better or less expensive way to achieve a result. We will say "I don't know." Our relationships are more important than any other asset.
  • Generosity: Avitiva strives to leave each customer in a better place than when we took the project on through knowledge transfer and offering help where we see fit.
  • Openness: We want our clients to know what we are doing and when we are doing it and openness and communication help us achieve that goal.


  • Bite-size pieces: Avitiva understands that SharePoint is a collaborative, always changing platform. To create effective solutions, our approach is to implement functionality and changes quickly, in bite-size pieces instead of bloated long-term projects so that we can iterate as users grow and react to the features they are offered.
  • Know where the data is coming from: To turn data into information, we first work to understand where the data is coming from, where it lives and how often it is updated.  
  • Understand the culture: The culture of the end-users and executive team greatly affects how SharePoint will be adopted and used within an organization. Knowing that it is more than just a technology, we strive to understand the culture and account for that in our solutions.